Monday, 22 October 2012

Group Film and Other Things

Reading week! Catching up on a few things....sleep, social time....posting :D

Beat boards for our group film:
Boards were composed by the talented Maureine Good ( And I coloured them.

 Location idea for the film:

And a sketch for fun. It's storyboarding class! JOY!

Hope everyone is enjoying their time off!

Friday, 12 October 2012

October Post!

Stuff from the last month and a bit :) Group film things, and action analysis things. Hope the school year has been going smoothly for everyone.

Group Film:
At the moment there's an ogre, a wizard, balloons, a tea party and a giant bunny-cockroach monster. All of which are subject to change :) First, second and third pass of tentative designs.

Heroes and villains for life drawing. Take a pose from the life drawing session and rework it. Fun stuff!

 Action Analysis concept stuff: