Monday, 22 April 2013

3rd Year is Over!

I cannot believe it’s been so long since my last post, it’s just been so busy!
These last few months have been very eye-opening (in a good way!) and inspiring and stressful and just a lot of up and downs. But it's been a really fulfilling year, nonetheless :)

 All that aside, here’s a bit of completed work that I’ve done in the last couple months. 

To start, some film stuff. Our film (Cash for Friends) was a story about a troll, wizard and monster. 
Our group had a few rocky moments, but I think I can speak on the whole group's behalf, that it was a very interesting experience creating the film. 

Some life drawing, ended up using a marker for the last half of the year, and I really enjoyed it!


Some characters based off of life drawing classed:

I'm always at the side at of the life drawing room, so I feel like i'm always drawing profile

Some drawings from the zoo:
Feeding time at the meerkat pen
Marmosets being awesome!

Some doodles in between film stuff:

New BG for the walking pan from second year:

This I wasn't gonna's just this terribly rushed, done the night before, horrendously staged and cut boards done for the music and culture project, where you time boards to a piece of music.....but I figured, can't just always be posting work you're proud of....sometimes bad work is just as good a place to learn from....

And finally, some 4th year film ideas:

Character 1
 Character 2
 Building Ideas

And that concludes this post! Thanks for stopping by :) I hope everyone has a fantastic summer!