Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Quickie Update :D

Hi Guys!
It's November already....and there's still lots of film stuff to do!
I was thinking I would post some of my old colour scripts, but since I don't have that finalized, I'll bunch that in another post soon :)
Anywho, here are just a handful of things I've been working on.

Some car ideas

A background test

Most recent character line up

And some quick morning and weekend sketches that have nothing to do with my film :)

Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, 30 September 2013


Hi Guys!
I got to attend a wedding this past weekend, and it was so much FUN! 
Congrats to the Andrea and Peter :)

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Film Stuff!

Hi Guys!
Some film stuff :) 
I had a different character design in mind earlier, but I'm trying something else. I think I might have an easier time animating this version though. What else?? Um...yes, beat boards - the story has changed slightly now, but it's along those lines. And finally a setting test.

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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

The End of Summer

Hi Guys!
It's been an eventful summer, busy but good. I did my internship at Guru - which was fantastic! And later in the summer I took a trip to Brazil which was AMAZING!

Today feels like it's the marking of the end of summer vacation, and the start of the school year (a little late, I know!). But it's the first day back that's I've felt back into the swing of things.

Here is a culmination of some of the things I did in my spare time:

Practice with the Pen Tool

I think this might be my favourite from my summer works: some cannoooodling in the office ;) haha

Beach fun, inspired from a picture where the cars float on water

Cottage season

My 3 Little monster cousins.....sorta....:)

A practice with light, based on a photo I saw

Again practice with the pen tool - but I don't think I'll finish this one...the file got so big and the lag so bad, I couldn't stand it.

Samba buses in Brazil! You can really hold so many people in them! While we were driving through the mountains we'd encounter so many of these vans/buses parked at the side of the road cause the engine is too small to handle that much power, lol.

Swimming, swimming, swimming!

Early morning sketch before commuting to work

After the commute, the walk to the office.....while everyone zooms by on their wheels.


And so goes one of the busiest, most wonderful summers ever! Being back at school I miss all the time I used to spend with my family and friends. I miss travelling. But all that aside, full force ahead, for the final year!!

Monday, 22 April 2013

3rd Year is Over!

I cannot believe it’s been so long since my last post, it’s just been so busy!
These last few months have been very eye-opening (in a good way!) and inspiring and stressful and just a lot of up and downs. But it's been a really fulfilling year, nonetheless :)

 All that aside, here’s a bit of completed work that I’ve done in the last couple months. 

To start, some film stuff. Our film (Cash for Friends) was a story about a troll, wizard and monster. 
Our group had a few rocky moments, but I think I can speak on the whole group's behalf, that it was a very interesting experience creating the film. 

Some life drawing, ended up using a marker for the last half of the year, and I really enjoyed it!


Some characters based off of life drawing classed:

I'm always at the side at of the life drawing room, so I feel like i'm always drawing profile

Some drawings from the zoo:
Feeding time at the meerkat pen
Marmosets being awesome!

Some doodles in between film stuff:

New BG for the walking pan from second year:

This I wasn't gonna's just this terribly rushed, done the night before, horrendously staged and cut boards done for the music and culture project, where you time boards to a piece of music.....but I figured, can't just always be posting work you're proud of....sometimes bad work is just as good a place to learn from....

And finally, some 4th year film ideas:

Character 1
 Character 2
 Building Ideas

And that concludes this post! Thanks for stopping by :) I hope everyone has a fantastic summer!