Sunday, 20 November 2011

Painted Caricatures and Farm Animals

This weekend has gone by so quickly! It's been so busy at school lately, cannot wait till Winter Vacation! 
Here are some caricatures I did for character design class which I then decided to paint, cause I desperately wanted to paint something.

And some farm animals from the Royal Winter Fair. Anyone who knows me also knows that I'm highly allergic to all farm animals, and hay, and grass....and all things that are found in a farm! However, I stayed for a good 6 hours, consumed 4 Reactin pills (although the daily dosage is 1), and passed out at 7:30pm that night. 
I think so.
Anywho, farm animals, SHABAM!


  1. Those are some crazy greens and purples in that second caricature, and by that, I mean they look awesome!