Friday, 2 December 2011

End of November Dump!

Today I had some time to scan and compile some stuff in my sketchbook as well as the projects from the past month. Wowza! Here we go:

Our painting teacher has been showing a lot of his work he's done for T.V and how wonky it can be. So I've been trying to practice with some wonky perspective and all that.

 Also been drawing a lot of caricatures for the upcoming character design project, and I must admit that I really love doing them. I especially love when people talk with their hands!

Recently finished and pitched my storyboard project. Our class's phrase was: "The Perfect Gift" and the project was to create an original storyboard based off that.

And lastly, this is the layout workbook package to go along with the storyboard project. This isn't the actual workbook, just the revised storyboard panels with edited backgrounds and tones. I'm not sure if people post their layouts workbooks being that they're more technical...? and whatnot, but I'm gonna post it anyway.

So that's November! Was busy, but rewarding.
I cannot wait to see my family at Christmas break. I want to play with my dog and catch up with friends and family and take a long nap....oh, and indulge in some good home cooking!

And because my dog, Lucky, is awesome and his exuberance at everything and nothing makes my day, I've decided to include a picture of him as well!

Lucks, forever immortalized on my blog! Wahooo!!

Hope everyone had a awesome, but productive, November!


  1. Thanks for posting the workbook...looks good, also the building drawings from the sketchbook ...very nice!