Monday, 22 April 2013

3rd Year is Over!

I cannot believe it’s been so long since my last post, it’s just been so busy!
These last few months have been very eye-opening (in a good way!) and inspiring and stressful and just a lot of up and downs. But it's been a really fulfilling year, nonetheless :)

 All that aside, here’s a bit of completed work that I’ve done in the last couple months. 

To start, some film stuff. Our film (Cash for Friends) was a story about a troll, wizard and monster. 
Our group had a few rocky moments, but I think I can speak on the whole group's behalf, that it was a very interesting experience creating the film. 

Some life drawing, ended up using a marker for the last half of the year, and I really enjoyed it!


Some characters based off of life drawing classed:

I'm always at the side at of the life drawing room, so I feel like i'm always drawing profile

Some drawings from the zoo:
Feeding time at the meerkat pen
Marmosets being awesome!

Some doodles in between film stuff:

New BG for the walking pan from second year:

This I wasn't gonna's just this terribly rushed, done the night before, horrendously staged and cut boards done for the music and culture project, where you time boards to a piece of music.....but I figured, can't just always be posting work you're proud of....sometimes bad work is just as good a place to learn from....

And finally, some 4th year film ideas:

Character 1
 Character 2
 Building Ideas

And that concludes this post! Thanks for stopping by :) I hope everyone has a fantastic summer!


  1. Everything looks sooo cool!

    You should put a title underneath that reaction shot of the two girls. Call it something like "an artist's depiction of third year".

  2. girlll amazing stafffff!!! so nice, love ur color and designs. really nice to see u in Guru yesterday haha

  3. Amazing work man, very inspiring! :D

    Happy to have shared the third year experience with you. ;)

  4. Thanks so much guys :D
    LOL,Gary, that' be pretty accurate!
    Happy to have shared the experience with you too Maureine!!