Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Some Experimentation

Hi, how you been?
I've been sneaking in some different styles of drawing/painting in between work. I think i'm just trying to find something that I'm really comfortable with. 
It's been a drizzly last couple of weeks, non-stop rain, non-stop being indoors. It makes me so antsy,  I can't stop fidgeting, I've even got that bouncy leg thing going on (and I'm usually the one getting agitated by bouncy legs).
Anyways, I hope all you guys's weekend was grand.
Ciao for now!

And....I was going through an external hard drive when I found these!
 I think this was all the end of 2014? I store a bunch of art away in folders every time I do a cleanup of my desktop, and then I forget they exist, then, months/years later, I'm looking for some file and I come across all this old art.

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